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Who are we?

BT Law Limited is a wholly owned DWF Plc. Our legal and claims handling teams have been providing services to BT for many years. Drawing on our corporate background and experience we are now able to offer those services to external clients.

How we do what we do

We recognise that our clients need to have an accurate legal and financial assessment of risk liability at all times and we strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients balancing commercial issues, corporate brand and image concerns with legal risk. We strive to achieve the best possible outcome of each claim, balancing the financial and reputational risk aspect of settlement with the corporate image and responsibility of our clients. Similarly, where no fault attaches to our clients we will, where appropriate, seek maximum recovery of their outlay as speedily as possible. Key Performance Indicators will be agreed with each client geared towards ensuring that we achieve the client’s desired objectives.

Why we do what we do

Put simply our primary aim is to help our clients to achieve the best possible resolution of their claims and legal issues in the shortest possible timescale.

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Our service at a glance

We agree your key performance indicators in advance and gear the service to provide:

Early intervention on serious incidents

End-to-end claims handling, management and legal services
Highly experienced case holders and solicitors
Full UK coverage
A trusted partner in handling both routine and complex matters
Early assessment of liability and prospects of success
Apply commercial understanding to core legal and ancillary services
Focus on identifying and managing exaggerated and inflated claims