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Employers' Liability

At BT Law Limited we understand the importance of good management of employers’ liability claims to achieve the best possible outcome for a business.

BT Law Limited is able to provide end-to-end claims handling, from incident management to case settlement, including legal services and representation. Our specialist team will seek to achieve the best possible result for your business in the shortest possible time.

Track record

We have a proven track record and experience of working on both pre and post litigated employers’ liability claims together with experience in supporting policy management of high value risks.

Also, our ability to offer immediate intervention services in serious incidents enables us to provide support and advice on your specific risks. You can benefit from our journey and experience as part of a large corporate business. We have dealt with the full range of employee injury and disease matters, from progressing low value at-fault incidents to an early resolution, to successfully bringing cases before the Court of Appeal.

Applying commercial understanding

The end-to-end management of your claims needs, including legal services and representation, provides you with early assessment of liability and robust repudiation where appropriate. Proactive case management, with a focus on total cost of claim, will enable you to manage your risk, whether that be by the provision of early advice, a speedy settlement, or defending a case to trial.
We know the importance of accurate financial assessment of your live claims data. Our system driven claims management process provides:

Document and workflow generation
Full financial capability
Flexible and intelligent client and management reporting
External system-to-system interfaces
Online web access

Measuring performance

We have developed sophisticated measurement tools to allow you to monitor claim turnover, settlement cost, correspondence and matters requiring action. These performance measures not only provide you with an effective monitoring toolkit but also drive results.

Minimising ‘total cost’ and helping to reduce your risks

We understand that lessons learned from employers’ liability claims is an important part of any risk management programme. We can work with you to understand any trends and extract learning based on your claims data, to help you reduce and manage your risk in the future.


We can detect, handle and investigate fraud with a view to prevention. Using a combination of experience, indicators, checks and investigation we can identify potentially fraudulent claims and manage the risk and exposure, particularly inflated claims or exaggerated injuries.

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Our service at a glance

We agree your key performance indicators in advance and gear the service to provide:

Early intervention on serious incidents

End-to-end claims handling, management and legal services
Highly experienced case holders and solicitors
Full UK coverage
A trusted partner in handling both routine and complex matters
Early assessment of liability and prospects of success
Apply commercial understanding to core legal and ancillary services

Focus on identifying and managing exaggerated and inflated claims