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Public Liability Claims

At BT Law Limited we know the importance of getting the best possible settlement outcome of claims. We understand that our clients want minimised payments with minimal disruption to their businesses. Our public liability claims service provides a hassle-free ‘one-stop shop’ for your claims management needs. From incident reporting to case settlement – including legal services and representation – our focus is on helping you achieve the best possible result in the shortest possible time.

Track record

We currently handle annually 5000 damage claims with a value of £3.5m and 550 personal injury claims with a value of £5m.

Tailored service for your needs

With BT Law Limited you get to choose the claims management service you want. Our focus is on providing you with a bespoke service that best suits your business needs and priorities. We offer a dedicated client approach and collaborate with you at the outset to agree key performance indicators. Customer service and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our service delivery. We know that you need an accurate financial assessment of your live claims liability as well as meaningful and incisive management information. Our system driven claims management process provides:

  • Document and workflow generation
  • Full financial capability
  • Flexible and intelligent client and management reporting
  • External system-to-system interfaces
  • Online web access

Measuring performance

We have developed sophisticated measurement tools to allow you to monitor claim turnover, settlement cost, correspondence and matters requiring action. These performance measures not only provide you with an effective monitoring toolkit but also drive results. Financial and other reports can be produced to match your reporting requirements or in-house processes.

Minimising ‘total cost’

We work commercially and proactively to control our clients’ exposure to the total cost of a claim. Our focus is on providing you with value for money through appropriate case management, operational efficiency and speedy claims cycles. We ensure claim costs are controlled and excessive legal costs are avoided by using proactive claims handling, prompt and appropriate liability decision making and effective negotiation. You can be completely confident that we have the expertise to deal with routine, complex and litigated claims, applying the same attention to detail throughout. We recognise the importance of protecting your brand and reputation and seek to achieve the best possible outcome for you on each claim by balancing the financial aspects of settlement with the protection and enhancement of your brand image and public responsibilities.

Third party capture service

Early capture of the third party in a client-at-fault claim can result in a substantial saving in your overall claim costs. We have developed a successful service aimed at early capture of public liability property damage claims and can offer proactive repair of property damage. By using this approach we can effectively manage and control your financial exposure to a claim while simultaneously protecting and enhancing your brand image.

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Our service at a glance

We agree your key performance indicators in advance and gear the service to provide:

Early intervention on serious incidents

End-to-end claims handling, management and legal services
Highly experienced case holders and solicitors
Full UK coverage
A trusted partner in handling both routine and complex matters
Early assessment of liability and prospects of success
Apply commercial understanding to core legal and ancillary services

Focus on identifying and managing exaggerated and inflated claims